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Opening the boss's wage slip;FE Focus

The winners in the pay stakes owe it all to their students and the losers are the ones who step into someone else's shoes, says Neil Munro

RAE ANGUS of Aberdeen College emerges as Scotland's highest paid principal in the first published survey of pay at the top, earning pound;79,000 last year.

This is scarcely surprising as Aberdeen is also the college with the largest student head count, as calculated by the Scottish Office's formula using weighted student units of measurement (WSUMs in the trade).

Mr Angus's salary has risen by pound;7,000 in three years - and his WSUMs grew by 11,000 to 111,448 in 1996-97. His earnings, up by 10 per cent, almost exactly matched growth of 11 per cent.

But colleges whose principals have retired or been retired are able to save considerably. A spectacular victim is Fiona Baikie, principal of Edinburgh's Telford. Although her college is the second biggest after Aberdeen and had a similar leap in the WSUM count, Ms Baikie earned only pound;63,000 last year, pound;16,000 less than her predecessor. Ken MacCallum at Bell College has also lost out heavily.

The second biggest earner is Terry Davies, principal of James Watt College in Greenock, the third largest on the 1996-97 student count, who received pound;75,000 last year, in line with a WSUM increase of 20,000 from 1994-97 But the biggest salary leap of 30 per cent over the three years occurred at Cardonald in Glasgow, as Ros Micklam succeeded Ray Bailey. Next came Alastair Tyre at Langside in Glasgow who retired earlier this year having seen his earnings grow by 22 per cent.

At the other end of the spectrum, not unexpectedly, the lowest salary of pound;47,000 is paid to David Rose and Chris Nixon, principals of the small agricultural colleges at Barony and Oatridge.

The only college unable to supply a salary figure for last year was Moray because, according to the Scottish Office, the college had not submitted approved annual accounts for 1997-98.

It is a condition of each college's Scottish Office grant that boards of management fix principals' emoluments through a remuneration committee.

The former Employers' Association set guidance on salary bands but the successor Association of Scottish Colleges does not, believing that it is a matter for each college.

Although the figures for each of the three years cover pay, bonuses, expenses and benefits, it should be stressed that each college has a different package. Individual annual accounts do not divulge these details.


COLLEGE 1995-96 1996-97 1997-98

Aberdeen pound;72,000 pound;76,000 pound;79,000

Angus* pound;51,000 pound;49,000 pound;51,000

Anniesland* pound;46,000 pound;45,000 pound;51,000

Ayr pound;60,000 pound;66,000 pound;70,000

Banff and Buchan pound;52,000 pound;55,000 pound;57,000

Barony pound;48,099 pound;45,600 pound;47,000

Bell* pound;68,000 pound;73,000 pound;60,000

Borders* pound;57,000 pound;57,000 pound;53,000

Cardonald* pound;57,000 pound;64,000 pound;74,000

Central (Glasgow) pound;57,000 pound;58,000 pound;60,000

Clackmannan pound;49,000 pound;50,000 pound;50,000

Clydebank* pound;61,000 pound;67,000 pound;57,000

Coatbridge pound;48,000 pound;50,000 pound;52,000

Cumbernauld pound;47,000 pound;52,000 pound;52,000

Dumfries and Galloway pound;57,000 pound;58,000 pound;59,000

Dundee* pound;66,000 pound;65,000 pound;68,000

Elmwood* pound;50,000 pound;57,000 pound;56,000

Falkirk pound;56,000 pound;60,000 pound;68,000

Fife* pound;55,000 pound;62,083 pound;62,000

Glasgow College of Building amp; Printing pound;57,000 pound;60,000 pound;68,000

Glasgow College of Food Technology* pound;52,000 pound;53,000 pound;50,000

Glasgow College of Nautical Studies pound;50,000 pound;53,000 pound;56,000

Glenrothes pound;55,000 pound;59,000 pound;62,000

Inverness* pound;53,994 pound;48,690 pound;49,000

James Watt pound;64,000 pound;70,000 pound;75,000

Jewel and Esk Valley pound;56,000 pound;59,000 pound;61,000

John Wheatley pound;44,000 pound;47,000 pound;48,000

Kilmarnock* pound;78,000 pound;62,000 pound;64,000

Langside pound;55,000 pound;60,000 pound;67,000

Lauder* pound;55,000 pound;55,000 pound;57,000

Lews Castle* pound;55,434 pound;51,828 pound;48,000

Moray pound;62,127 pound;64,687 NA

Motherwell pound;56,000 pound;58,000 pound;59,000

North Glasgow pound;55,000 pound;63,000 pound;63,000

Oatridge pound;45,000 pound;45,000 pound;47,000

Perth pound;55,000 pound;59,000 pound;66,000

Reid Kerr pound;55,000 pound;57,000 pound;60,000

South Lanarkshire pound;48,000 pound;51,000 pound;53,000

Stevenson pound;57,000 pound;61,000 pound;62,000

Stow pound;64,000 pound;65,000 pound;71,000

Telford* pound;79,000 pound;63,000 pound;63,000

Thurso pound;47,000 pound;55,000 pound;54,000

West Lothian pound;45,000 pound;50,000 pound;51,000

*denotes change of principal

(includes benefits in kind, taxable expense allowances and bonuses)

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