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Optimism is order of the day

Teachers are being reminded that they still have time to sign up for the "Vanguard" programme, being run by the new Centre for Confidence and Well-Being.

The two-day event is at the Radisson Hotel in Glasgow, where the star turn will be Martin Seligman, the renowned international expert on optimism and pessimism. Dr Seligman is leader of the positive psychology movement and has a particular interest in how to "inoculate" children against depression and feelings of dependency, a theme outlined in his book The Optimistic Child.

This will be followed by a series of distance learning opportunities in which participants will have the chance to work with gurus such as Howard Gardner, the inspiration behind multiple intelligence, who will talk about creating a positive environment for learning.

The programme will culminate in a special session in the Scottish Parliament on December 12.

Schools and teachers can buy into all of these events for a greatly reduced fee of pound;400 a head. This will purchase 35 hours of learning.

Carol Craig, founder of the centre, commented: "The theme of the event is how we can create a culture of confidence, optimism and well-being. That can be the overall culture in Scotland, to counteract the gloom and negativity which abounds, or it could be the ethos and culture of an individual organisation such as a school."

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