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Other reviews in this week's TES Friday Magazine

Television to pre-school youngsters - this time from Channel 4 Learning. The Term Ahead BBC2 asksnbsp;children can overcome shyness and confidence problems in The Confidence Lab while Grange Hill makes a return to BBC1. Radio The Term Ahead Special reports on children's mental health from the BBC's flagship children's current affairs programme, Newsround. Book of the Week How to Use your Eyes James Elkins Routledge, pound;16.99 Education Books Lifelong Learning Getting a Life Ed. Michael Simmons Peter Owen, pound;9.99 Education Theory Schools in the Learning Age Ed. Bill Lucas and Toby Greany Southgate Publishers, pound;12.95 The Caring Classroom: Towards a learning environment Henry Pluckrose Education Now Books, pound;9.95 The Sharp Edge of Educational Change Ed. Nina Bascia, Andy Hargreaves RoutledgeFalmer, pound;17.99 Citizenship Prejudice: From individual identity to nationalism in young people Cedric Cullingford Kogan Page, pound;18.99 Children's Books The Birdman Melvin Burgess Andersen Press, pound;9.99 Books for Primary Pupils Citizenship Children as Partners in Planning Save the Children Plymbridge Distributors, pound;15 The Junior Citizenship Videos (plus handbook) Team Video Productions, pound;37.74 Books for Secondary Pupils International Seeds for Life Christian Aid, pound;12.99 Food for our Future Food and Drink Federation, Free Social Literacy Social Literacy, Citizenship Education and the National Curriculum James Arthur, Jon Davidson and William Stow RoutledgeFalmer, pound;16.99 Europe Speak Out on European Citizenship Institute for Citizenship, Free Plus: Enter Friday magazine's ICT competition; read the latest theatre and arts reviews; catch up with What's New.

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