Our exported education relies on our reputation

Neil Roskilly

You are right to point out that the government's neglect of British overseas schools is potentially damaging. The clamour for heads to roll would be difficult to resist if this lack of support was ever to be repeated in business or tourism. Yet even more shameful is the approach taken to the recruitment of overseas pupils for schools and colleges in the UK. Schools recruiting from overseas are treated with suspicion, as if everyone applying for a sponsor's license is a bogus language school intent on fermenting terrorism rather than an important source of foreign exchange. Schools and colleges are now even charged a minimum of #163;500 for the privilege of boosting the UK economy and promoting British values among the potential world leaders of the future. One wonders if the UK Border Agency just sees overseas pupils as a hindrance. It is time for the UK Border Agency and the government to rethink before even more damage is done to a world-leading industry.

Neil Roskilly, Chief executive officer, Independent Schools Association.

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Neil Roskilly

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