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Our Lady goes wrong

The Glasgow South and Eastwood Extra was in a Madonna mix-up the other week when it published its pictures of new primary ones on its beat.

Our Lady of the Missions Primary became Our Lady of the Assumption and Our Lady of the Annunciation became Our Lady of the Missions, after someone made the wrong assumption resulting in a wrong announcement. The result was a confession in the next issue seeking forgiveness for getting the wrong Our Lady into the wrong school, no doubt prompting the thought that some of the weans had been subject to the miracle of the immaculate placing request.

Heaven knows what might have happened if the other Greater Glasgow area schools run by herself - Our Lady of Lourdes, Our Lady of Fatima, Our Lady of Peace and Our Lady of the Rosary - were served by the Extra. Happily, they are in another circulation area.

The play's no' the thing

Most of the school parties attending a performance of Hamlet in Glasgow's Citizen's Theatre earlier this month found the attendance of comic Karen Dunbar in the audience more interesting than the play itself, and spent a lot of time looking over to take a peek at the celebrity rather than watching the state of Denmark on stage.

When asked next day by her English teacher what she had thought of her Shakespearean experience, one pupil answered: "Miss, that was Karen Dunbar!" "No, it was 'Hamlet'!" thundered the teacher. "But no' in the audience, Miss."

See culture.

Too much

We couldn't help but notice a happily coincidental description of the situation at Edinburgh's Telford College, when we were trudging our way through the draft agreement (the things we do). One of the issues flagged up was entitled "Excessive Overtime and TOIL." Connectivity, or what? However, upon the further investigation for which we are famed, we learned that the acronymic reference was to Time Off In Lieu. Well, on reflection, perhaps they are by chance related.

Rebus goes west

Those who have been enjoying the gritty Edinburgh detective Rebus in his latest TV outing should know that the director had to head west to make the episodes look authentic.

The polis station is actually the old Carlibar Primary building in Barrhead - it doesn't get much grittier than that. And the police boot college to which Rebus was sent for insubordination is the staffroom of North Glasgow College's main building.

Yet again, Scottish education is showing it can make a difference.

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