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Out with bully boy tactics

It was with some vexation and disappointment that we read Bryan Sanderson's comments (TES January 16). Mr Sanderson is quoted as saying: "You don't move on unless you change and people are got rid of."

At the very best Mr Sanderson's comments can be seen as highly insensitive during a period in which 800 posts are being shed from the Learning Skills Council. At worst his comments could provide the green light for the promotion of an authoritarian management culture that is in danger of pervading the whole LSC.

Recently the Public and Commercial Services union has had to confront a bullying issue in the LSC.

Mr Sanderson's sweeping generalisation about getting rid of people can only help to build the LSC's personality-driven management of the type identified, and roundly condemned, by conciliatory service Acas in a recent report into one of LSC's operations.

It would be helpful to have confirmation, once again, from LSC management that redundancy within the LSC is about redundant posts and not about forcing individuals out. For the record, PCS's understanding is that all redundancies within the LSC are currently voluntary and this will remain the case. Macho posturing simply inflames an already sensitive situation.

Dave Cliff PCS senior national officer 160 Falcon Road London SW11 2LN

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