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Out of a job and alone

However well prepared you are, there are bound to be problems in the first year of your teaching career. Whatever it is that's keeping you awake at night or sobbing on the school secretary's shoulder, our experts can lend a hand

I have been told that due to a falling intake, I will be out of a job this September. I will still have a term to go on my NQT induction and feel alone. I'm trying to deal with this as best I can. Any hints?

I'm sorry you find yourself in this situation; it must be devastating. But try to divorce the two issues as far as you can. The school hasn't said there is anything wrong with your teaching; just that they need to lose staff. I would expect them to help you with the final term of your induction both to compensate and to ensure that you will look good when you apply for another post. You should talk the problem through with your mentor and, if possible, ask the head for advice about where to apply for posts in the local area. You never know, there may be another school that would be delighted to employ someone who has already proved themselves.

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