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I Think I Love You

By Allison Pearson

Chatto and Windus

ISBN: 978-0701176976


What young girl has not dreamed at one point of being swept off her feet by a pop star? For Petra and Sharon, growing up in Wales in the 1970s, David Cassidy is the object of their devotion. They hang on his every word and cherish the letters he writes to fans. Two decades later, Petra finds the questions that obsessed her as a girl have come back to haunt her. Does reluctant pop journalist Bill have the answers?

The World According to Bumble: Start the Car

By David Lloyd


ISBN: 978-0007360598


David "Bumble" Lloyd has earned cult status as a cricket commentator and his instinct for storytelling makes perfect material for a book. Unsurprisingly to his fans, his is a different take on life, and he explores with delight the quirks and eccentricities of the game, gathered from his years spent following cricket around the world.

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