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Out of this world

When developing story plots and ideas, try using the "what if" or "supposing" strategy. Here is a simple menu to stimulate science fiction story ideas.

Supposing, you travel to a new planet and: Cannot get back to the space ship.

Have to rescue a prisoner.

Supposing, pollution has almost ruined the world and: Robots rule but a small band of humans are left.

Supposing, friendly aliens visit our world and: One is left behind and is in danger of being captured by a greedy zoo keeper.

Supposing, someone invents: A time travel machine.

A robot that is exactly like a human but becomes evil.

A robot that does the opposite of what it should do.

A computer that hypnotises people.

Supposing, you live in a future age and: Humans are enslaved to cruel aliens.

Cruel robots rule the earth.

A small band of humans tries to start a new colony on a hostile world Pie Corbett is a literacy consultant

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