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Outdoor learning - Raise the risk, say parents

Most parents would support more risky play in school playgrounds, a survey has found.

The Scottish Parent Teacher Council and the Grounds for Learning charity asked 52 parents what they thought of the outdoor element of their child's learning.

Some 65 per cent agreed there was not enough risky play in their child's playground, while 79 per cent said that, if children had appropriate clothing, they should be allowed to play in rain or snow at break time.

In a report summary, the SPTC stated that the "survey may not be scientific, but it provides a snapshot which seems to illustrate that parents understand the benefits of outdoor learning and want our schools to be more proactive in making it happen".

Grounds for Learning has also reported on innovative ways that pupils responded to the recent heavy snowfall.

Muckhart and Juniper Green primaries in Clackmannanshire and Edinburgh built igloos, while Deerpark in Alloa held a snowball-rolling contest. At Coalsnaughton Primary, also in Clackmannanshire, children made dragon sculptures using food colouring to dye the snow.

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