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Outdoors is the place to be

SO much for the "quiet corner".

According to a survey on after-school club activities, sitting still is about as unpopular as writing among 190 primary children from 10 clubs in Cornwall. Dancing, toys, woodwork, reading and dressing up were also given the thumbs down.

But if that makes ministers feel down in the mouth, there is some good news for health educators who feel we are raising an army of couch potatoes. The children put the great-out-doors at te top of their list, and they don't mean a run in the playground.

Clubs may need to rethink their itineraries and budgets in the light of these findings. What children really want is in-line skating, swimming, sailing, surfing and horse riding. The four to 11-year-olds also wanted football, rounders, and playing on their bikes.

Second to sport was arts and crafts. Computer games and "construction" also rated highly: well every kid needs a den.

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