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Outrage over league-table coverage

I have just watched the BBC's coverage concerning school league tables which featured the school at the bottom, with 3 per cent of students achieving GCSE grade C or above. The school will be measured solely against its C+ percentage and whether it improves will be determined wholly by this number.

To all those who voiced their criticisms, I have a question: when this school creates an improvement plan that will boost the number of passes and raise those 3 per cent of students to achieve even higher grades, will they be lining up to congratulate the head, teachers and other staff responsible? No.

You should be ashamed, Gibb, Gove et al. If only someone who had a clue about the reality of education was responsible for the way it is managed and represented to the public, perhaps I could get on with my job. I think it was something to do with teaching students to the best of my ability, if anyone out there still cares.

Kieron Nixon, Thomas Alleyne's High School, Uttoxeter, Staffs.

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