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Outstanding Leadership Team Award

Winner: Ysgol Glan Gele Infants, Abergele, North Wales

This infants school has been transformed since it gained a new senior leadership team three years ago. Local education officials had been concerned that its standards had "stagnated", but results have improved dramatically and it is now regarded as a beacon of best practice.

In November, inspectors from the schools watchdog Estyn awarded it seven grade ones, a rarity in Wales. The inspectors praised the headteacher's "inspirational leadership and very purposeful sense of direction", noting she was "exceptionally well supported by the deputy head and a very effective senior management team that provide strong support and guidance for all staff".

Senior staff at the school have also been involved in a wide range of activities to bring in the community, including a Fairtrade cafe and lunches for local OAPs.

Judges' verdict: The word the judges used, repeatedly, to describe this school was "buzzy". "The atmosphere that the school's leadership seems to have created is one brimming with excitement - it's the kind of place where you would like to work", they said.

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