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Over the limit

Q: I was allowed a day off for my graduation ceremony. There was a great party afterwards. Unfortunately, the next morning on my way to school I was involved in a road accident when my car was hit from behind. The police breathalysed me, and to my surprise, I was over the limit. If I am convicted, will I have a criminal record, and do I have to tell my head?

A: Sadly, the answer is yes. Not only will you lose your driving licence for at least 12 months, and face a higher insurance bill, you will have a criminal record. You will now have had your fingerprints taken and probably been photographed. You need to tell your head, although it probably won't affect your job. However, you can't drive the minibus and, at the least, it is going to be highly inconvenient. When you apply for jobs in the future, you will have to reveal any conviction.

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