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Worksheet reference

When producing worksheets, type the year, term and objective on to the bottom in a small font for easy reference when you are planning.

Dorothy Wood

Checking triangle

To remind children to check their work, use a "checking triangle". When they finish a piece of work and check it, they draw a small triangle underneath with a "c" in it. You can then identify those who are not checking and those who think they are but need help on how to do it.

Tony Williams

Class kit

I keep a basic classroom kit. I have a plastic two-sided shoe-cleaning box with everything I might need: acetates, ball-point pens, ruler, marker pens, rubbers, packet of pencils, pots of glue, paper-clips, spreader, sticky tape, string, board wiper, split pins, hole punch, staples. I am then totally prepared for any class.

Helen Paterson

CD City

Some ideas for unwanted CDs. Awards wall:put a CD on the wall for each child. Attach a circle to each with the child's achievements for that week. Clocks: glue a piece of card to the back of each CD and attach hands using a split pin. Use sticky labels for the numbers. Mobiles: use coloured pens to write poems on circles, stick on the reverse and suspend in groups. Coaster: add a sparkle to the staff-room with a CD under your mug.

Jacqui Harrett

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