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Over to you

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Names squared

Ensure fairness when selecting children by giving them each a centimetre cube on which to write their initials or register number. Place each child's cube in an empty pop bottle with a screw-top lid. Keep the bottle in a handy place. Whenever you need to make an instant decision, perhaps for teams, sharing work or classroom jobs, simply give the bottle a shake and draw out a cube.

Chris Brook

On the board

Put a few revision questions on the board so that children entering the room can get on with some work straight away. This gives you time to sort out any problems, such as the lack of pencils or a playtime dispute. I have found this particularly useful for getting lower sets to revise the basics that they so easily forget, such as multiplying by 10.

April Brincklow

Saved by the bell

Instead of raising your voice to get the attention of your class or ask them to be quieter, use an old-fashioned school bell. One ring and the children will instantly be quiet and focus on you. This saves your voice for the literacy hour.

Emma Stansfield

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