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Shaker maker

By collecting plastic film containers and the drums that tablets come in, I have assembled a collection of shakers. I now have a small, medium and large shaker for each child, and by varying the contents we can produce different sounds. Chemists will usually keep the containers for you - just wash them in hot water to clean them and remove the labels. They also make great resealable glue pots, measuring containers and bead holders.

Caroline McDonald

Better letters

Whenever you receive letters to hand out to your class, put those meant for absent children aside with their names on. The letters will go home when the children return and parents won't miss out on the inforation. This is also a useful way for supply staff to let class teachers know that a letter needs to be sent home.

Penny Maddock

Eggshell to eggshell

A quick and effective way of making matching cards for early years or children with learning difficulties is to collect paint colour charts. You then only need to trim and laminate them to make brightly coloured matching cards with a range of adjectives.

Tracy Hailstone

We will pay pound;30 for each tip printed. Send brief ideas for teaching, admin or how to cope in school to TES Primary, 66-68 East Smithfield, London E1W 1BX, or e-mail Please include your full name and school or home address.


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