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Over to you: Hints from teachers

Traffic Lights

Display a set of traffic lights with an indicator pointing to the permitted noise level: red = silence, amber = elbow talk, green = table talk. This helps pupils understand the importance of noise level in the classroom and what is appropriate.

Suzanne Hodkinson

The fame game

Cut out any pictures you find of famous people that the children have heard of. Store these as they can be used in all subject areas. I have found them very useful in literacy lessons especially for speaking-and-listening.

Joanne Erasmus

Have a ball with the plenary

During plenary sessions use a tennis ball to help you assess children's knowledge and understanding of the key points of the lesson. Throw the ball to individual children and ask them a question suited to their attainment level. When they answer correctly they then throw the ball back to you. The children pay more attention and are more determined to get the answer right when there is a ball involved.

Nicky Gutch

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