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Overheard in the Staffroom

The TES online forums are a hotbed of debate. Here is just a taste of what users are saying this week.

Join the discussion at: Do people turn to teaching when they want to downsize?

powderpuff:In response to a Radio 4 item suggesting people turn to teaching when they want to downsize. I'm going to give up next summer after three years in the classroom as I can no longer cope with a job where you seem to be able to do nothing right.

Vorpalblade: Are they having a laugh or what?!

packerguy: I switched to teaching a couple of years ago after 15 years in the City and have never been LESS stressed. Different people find different things stressful - but it would be wrong to characterise teaching as being inherently stressful.

Anniebaker: Anyone who thinks they will have a nice relaxing job teaching bright-eyed youngsters between long holidays is naive.

Acoustic Saint: In my old job in industry, my actions could affect whether people lived or died. That was quite stressful. I don't get too stressed with Jimmy telling me to f*** off now - it's all relative Pieces of children's work that make you laugh ginja: You know how it is: you're struggling through a 30-book pile of marking, not enjoying it one bit, and then you stumble upon a gem that one child's written, and it seems to lighten your workload.

Example - a retelling of the Good Samaritan, with a picture to go with the story. Cue one girl's drawing of a man lying naked on the ground having been beaten up... with a fig leaf covering his manhood.

Spursgirl: "The Fairy Gabrielle told Mary she was pregnant by God" was a favourite of mine, although a comma after "pregnant" would make it even better.

Joi: Asked to put the word "skewer" into a sentence, a year 6 girl wrote:

"My brother saw that the picture was skew, he tried to straighten it, but only made it skewer."

beats: Helping my mum once mark her science tests I came across this: Q: List two fossil fuels.

A: Microwave and a hairdryer.

Melanie42: Had a Year 3 boy ask me after a trip to the British Museum: "How did the Romans feel when the museum came and took all their stuff?"

Leyland Titan: A biography from a kid whose uncle had left Egypt because of the "Sewage Crisis".

These comments are the personal opinions of individual contributors

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