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Overheard in the Staffroom

The TES online forums are a hotbed of debate. Here is just a taste of what users are saying this week.

Join the discussion at: Teacher shortage, myth or reality?

Radical red: Is it true to say that there continues to be a dearth of jobs in history and PE, but in most other subjects plenty of opportunities.

Teachur: Teacher shortage? Yes... the average height of teachers is dropping by approximately 0.3cm a year.

Middlemarch: The only subjects I have had no trouble in recruiting for during the past three years are PE, history, geography. Maths? Don't make me laugh!

Island girl: Considering how much money I'm getting to do a biology PGCE (pound;9,000 plus pound;5,000 golden handshake) I would hope there is a shortage of science teachers, otherwise the Government is wasting money!

teachers working as teaching assistantS?

butter: I am considering this myself as a newly-qualified teacher, due to a lack of teaching vacancies in my area. Are any of you qualified teachers working as TAs? What are your experiences?

Kanddd:In our school there are three teachers who are TAs. They have never actually taught a class as teachers. Two of them have never actually been for a teaching vacancy. Seems like an awful waste of taxpayers' money Mrs chips: I am looking for a TA post - a response to market forces. It's where the demand is, and where the more permanent posts are (in the North-west). Plus I would relish developing the pastoral side of my job and be able to enjoy my weekends. As a teacher I could never switch off.

BEST job in the world?

Scott12:I am having a great time as NQT, I am doing well in all areas, and having a life outside school.Yes I work hard, but I also know when to stop!

Eva Smith: You are an exception to the rule: 30,000 NQTs can't ALL be wrong about their workload. Perhaps you have good support. Some people are stressed out because they are perfectionists, or because they worry about doing something wrong.

Skigirl: Scott, I'm glad that you are enjoying teaching - but like a lot of people who come on this forum for support, I am finding it a struggle. Not everything that you do turns out the way you expect it to, and not everyone has the same idea of "best job in the world".

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