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The TES online forums are a hotbed of debate. Here is just a taste of what users are saying this week.

Join the discussion at: www.tes.co.ukstaffroom One third of MPs went to public school gooddr: Does this matter?

average: One third went to independent school not public school. IMO (in my opinion) it is more significant that 27 per cent went to Oxford or Cambridge.

jbloggs: It matters even more than gender composition, IMO.

asparagus: Always reverse the percentage. It's not bad progress considering the state of affairs a few generations ago. Anyway, why does it matter? Does it matter that so many teachers are unreformed socialists, still drinking at the bitter cup of class envy?

jbloggs: Well I doubt I have class envy. Just want a level playing field!

bigkid: There has never been and probably will never be a level playing field under any system. Nor do those in power (the wealthy) want there to be one as this would threaten their legacies and the inheritance of their progeny.

Hemel Hempstead teachers: help needed...

vickycain: I am a PS teacher in Hemel Hempstead and after being shaken awake yesterday morning all schools in Hemel are closed today. Does anyone know exactly why? How long will it go on for? Do we know or is it going to be a day by day thing, seeing how it goes?

ballerina: Saw HUGE column of black smoke from your direction. Did you notice the unearthly way the entire big round sun shone like a moon through the black "cloud".

vickycain: Schools are closed again for tomorrow.

not_telling!: How do they decide which schools to openclose - the school where I live is closed yet 10 mins drive down the road where I work we are all in. Contemplated saying that I couldn't venture out of the house cos of the smoke but maybe not!

robsia: I live 200 miles away and was woken early Sunday morning by a bang which sounded like something heavy had fallen over downstairs. I remember sitting up in bed half awake, wondering whether to go and investigate, but decided against it. I now think I was hearing the explosion, which according to my SO (signification other) could be heard in Holland!

Your predictions for 2006 please...........

dowd: England will win the World Cup!

ilovesooty: Brazil win the World Cup. England fail to beat Sweden, fail to win their group, and lose in the quarter finals.

friendlyface: I am surprised Tony Blair is still PM. I honestly expected him to hand over by Christmas. I think it will happen next year.I will continue to do the lottery every week but will not win, so will be in same job this time next year.The new Wembley will not be ready for the FA Cup final.The High Street will have had a dreadful Christmas (again) so I will feel obliged to go on a shopping frenzy in the new year to help it out.

asparagus: I will win the lottery, buy a nice big house with 30 acres of land and manage it back to a natural state of woodland, waterways and meadows. I will donate money to my local churches and will establish a chantry in which nuns and monks will sing for my soul once I am deadI.This will take place in early March. I will let you know if my prediction goes wrong.

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