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Overheard in the staffroom

The TES online forums are a hotbed of debate. Here is just a taste of what users are saying this week. Join the discussion at:

On the annual slagging off of A-level results time!

Coquette: In what other country would all that achievement and effort be denigrated like this?

Chris 2005: University degrees are easier than A-levels in terms of workload. I never did five hours of private study a day at university like I did for my A-levels.

Mymouse: You can hardly fail an A-level these days! And given that there are so many silly A-levels like General Studies, Media Studies, Psychology and so on, with an ever-decreasing standard, it's hardly an achievement.

On laminators - luxury or godsend?

Badger girl: I love my laminator. Other half cruelly suggested I should have a built-in laminator in my new kitchen instead of a built-in oven as I use a laminator more often.

Tracyann: You should definitely buy one - they make things look better and the kids find it more difficult to draw pornographic stick men on your displays. Just don't try to laminate ham - the water content can make it short-circuit - and blow the fuses in your home.

Teachers to be first to have ID cards How we laughed: What's the big deal? So long as I don't have to pay for one!

Little My: Presumably, the bomber from the primary school would have carried an ID card. Checks of any sort only show that you haven't done anything YET.

Children in teacher interviews Valuable: Imagine ... Headteacher: "Hello. On your interview panel are Quentin, six, and Mary, five. Children, these are the two candidates - Mr Valuable and Ronald McDonald."

Bacardibreezer: Can you imagine doctors agreeing to be interviewed by prospective patients - children OR adults?

These comments are the personal opinions of individual contributors

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