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Overheard in the staffroom

The TES online forums are a hotbed of debate. Here is just a taste of what users are saying. Join the discussion at: CADET FORCES IN STATE SCHOOLS

kat1703: It would be great but I've been involved in cadet forces for years and am slightly biased.

Middlemarch: I do not want a CCF in my school. Kids who want to be cadets can do it outside of school. Gordon Brown can say what he likes on his march towards the PM's office, but I'm not listening. We've got our hands full trying to reach stupid targets.

mw14: I was in my school's CCF, and am now in the Territorial Army. I think CCFs are great. They offer something a bit different, teach self-reliance and teamwork, instil self-discipline, and are enormous fun.

Jbloggs: The forces of space cadets in our senior management are quite sufficient, thanks!

Marmitethecat: Not keen on military stuff in general (look at any newspaper to see why).


muppet237: Just wondered whether other people were experiencing a trend of kids drinking two-litre bottles of energy-boost drinks to make their legs shake, and their behaviour uncontrollable? There's been a major problem with our KS3 kids thinking this is very cool!

florence1: No, but one kid drank two litres of cheap pop at lunch last week and had to go to the loo twice in my lesson. It was that or a puddle on the floor.

mandator : Got them in the staffroom coffee machine. Perhaps senior management are trying to tell the lower echelons something!


Tickveegee: I ask as I sit here wheezing and snuffling; the inevitable cold has arrived.

muppet237: Takes the p***! Every year without fail.

Teachermother: Happened to me too...Completely traditional.

frustum : Since it's probably due to the drop in adrenaline levels, I try to make sure that for the first couple of days of the holiday I am fairly busy, so that I come down slowly. It seems to work.

tickveegee: Frustrum, that's what I did but it just waited until I stopped!


ruthiejay : "That was a very good lesson." "What could I have done to make it excellent?" "Nothing really - but a boy in the back row was chewing his pen..."

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