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Overheard in the staffroom

The TES online forums are a hotbed of debate. Here is just a taste of what users are saying this week. Join the discussion at:


Bluecandykitten: Disgraceful. As if teachers haven't enough to worry about without putting a tally on the board and, secondly, surely the context of the swearing is more relevant than the number of times it's uttered?

Florian gassmann: What next? Perhaps the pupils will be allowed to steal five items of stationery per lesson before they get "spoken to" ... or the school will tolerate bullying provided it is not more than five times a week.


WD: Don't drink tea while you teach.

Worktop04: Don't sit on the table - smile more.

Nobesie: Don't drink tea while you teach? And take the tea out of teaching? (All right, you all thought it - I just said it...) I'd rather take some asses out of classes.

Katipuss: On Monday I was told grudgingly that my lesson was good but would only have been satisfactory if it hadn't been for the thunder storm.

Welshboy78: Last year, I had the chief inspector come to a PHSE lesson. On this particular day, most of the class was absent due to snow. At the end of the lesson the inspector said to me, "Have you noticed the dust on the shelves at the back of the room?"


Stxcamh: I love Top Shop black trousers but are they suitable for school? Don't get me wrong - not planning on teaming it with a bare midriff and some stiletto heels. Just a conservative vest, cardigan and decorative scarf.

Hjward: Well, I don't know about anyone else, but I'm heading to Primark - plain black trousers for pound;8 a pair, which are no doubt going to get ruined by some child who forgets they've got paint all over their hands.


These comments are the personal opinions of individual contributors

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