Overheard in the staffroom

Here is just a taste of what users in the TES online forums are saying this week. Join the debate at: www.tes.co.ukstaffroom Why get depressed during school holidays?

Momos_oizys: The sun has been shining for weeks. There's no preparation, no marking, no badly behaved pupils. So why do we get depressed during school holidays?

Bbibbler: Teaching is such a "full-on" job that, when you have a holiday, it is almost like a bereavement.

Pinkcat: You have to let yourself down slowly, keep busy for the first week and then you gradually relax. It's the sudden stop that does it.

petekeeffe: We're teachers, we have no students to teach during the holidays - hence "the existential void".

Sir, do you have a girlfriend?

cd-rw: How do you do answer this one? If you say yes, you get bombarded with questions and things will inevitably get out of hand. If you say no, you get teased and it disrupts the lessons.

Sparkleghirl: I have six. One for every day of the week, except Tuesdays when I do my nails.

My laminator just broke!

JossBrown: I know in the grand scheme of things it doesn't matter - but I loved my laminator!

Poppy1978: Ohh nooo! I would cry if mine broke.

Rosa Luxembourg: Mine died on Friday. I blame the dried flowers. Seemed like such a good idea.

How quickly could an adult do a GCSE?

iiTeachICT: If it were a totally coursework-based subject, I think I could get a higher-grade GCSE in a couple of weeks, say four weeks, especially if it was in ICT!

Esperanza!: I reckon a bright person could get an A-C grade in just about any GCSE with full-time study over about three weeks with the exam in the fourth week.

Twopigs: I think in Spain you can get hauled in (without notice) to take the same exams as the students. Just how scary would that be?

NQT2004: There has been talk in my school of teachers taking the key stage 2 Sats exams. It makes you nervous but I think it would be a good idea!

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