Overheard in the staffroom

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Teachers with MySpace

Ahamay: A teacher in my school has a MySpace account and many of the kids have found it. This teacher has been sending and receiving explicit messages viewable by anyone who finds his account name. What's your view on the situation?

Coffeekid: If I were him, I'd just weather the embarrassment and wait for it to blow over.

Talisen: The idiot shouldn't have registered with his proper name.

Angelface: I have "my space" in the corner of my room. NO students are allowed to enter it unless invited. Sorry, don't know what you're talking about.

Pupils no longer being taught the difference between right and wrong Emilyisobel: The way I read it was that particular cultural and religious viewpoints would not be taught - not that there is no difference between right and wrong.

Arched Eyebrow: "The new wording states clearly that young people should become 'responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society'.

Jeeeeze! How can you legislate for that?

Nickoson: Don't you find we're becoming a bit like the French? We get all these fancy new ideas sent to us as diktats.....then simply ignore them?

footykel: If teachers aren't allowed to teach the difference between right and wrong then who will? Most parents don't...

Does your other half get grumpy because you're off work for the summer?

Seiglinde: Mine does! I am doing stuff around the house, and am going away at the weekend, but I get a hint of "it's all right for some people!" from him!

dremmler : Well, he could always become a teacher if he has a hard time with your well-deserved holiday. Or is he earning a huge private-sector salary he is not prepared to forsake?

aspidistra: Mine just thinks of all the money we save on childcare (at least pound;50 a day for my two children round here = pound;1,500 for the six week break)!

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