Overheard from the staffroom

Here is a taste of what users in TES online forums are saying this week.

Join the debate at: www.tes.co.ukstaffroom Couple jailed for daughter's truancy

El directore: I think we need to crack down on negligent parents, but what use does locking them up serve? Who's going to look after the unfortunately named Shlaine while they are in the nick?

Bluedart: What could the parents have done, these days? If they had given her a clip round the ear, social services would have been knocking on their door and they would have been in trouble anyway.

Lilachardy: Fear of imprisonment has seen attendance at one of my tutor groups pick up from 30 per cent to more than 90 per cent. Parents need to know that jail is not an empty threat.

Naked teacher - should she be disciplined?

Bonkers704: Emma Wright, 37, who teaches at Streatham and Clapham high school is appearing naked on Channel 4's How To Look Good Naked . The teacher had informed her headteacher first. Has Miss Wright turned into Miss Wrong?

Polli: She shouldn't be disciplined, but she shouldn't complain when she gets a hard time from pupils!

Janemk : Whether it is "allowed" or not is not the issue. She works in a high school, and will be seen naked by boys she teaches. Highly inappropriate at best.

Shorty68: Look on the bright side, at least some of the teenage girls at her school, who have hang-ups about their bodies, will see that all people can look good, no matter what their shape or size, and that they don't all have to look like stick insect Victoria Beckham.

What is the most memorable comment you've seen on a report?

Tiddly wink: On a school report of mine when I was about 15: "Country Dancing: Very Fair."

Sleepyhead: My PE report in Year 8: "Sleepyhead can throw and catch a ball."

Emilyisobel: From my partner's cousin's report: "This boy is capable of greater depths of laziness than thought possible."

MistyRain: "While it is nice to see confident young women, MistyRain is in great danger of crossing the line into being a little madam."

dulltart: From a CDTTechnology report about woodwork - "After much effort x has managed to produce a small stool."

The above comments are all personal opinions

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