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Overheard in the staffroom

The TES online forums are a hotbed of debate. Here is just a taste of what users are saying this week. Join the discussion at: Would you send your child to a private school?

Psytrance: No, no and thrice no. If teachers in the state system display no faith in it, what hope is there?

Spookefoot: Why would I want my child's education destroyed by some of the kids I teach, and unprotected by the soft-gloved management who run it?

Madwoman: I work in a state school but send my children to a private one.

The teaching's no better there but they are with like-minded kids who value education.It's the best money I have ever spent.

Paddington bear: State education gives you a slice of real life and lets kids of all abilities succeed.

Jenhet: Isn't every school different? Some state schools are wonderful, some independent schools are awful and vice versa. Apart from smaller classes in my current (independent) school, I find no difference in staff quality and commitment or in pupil behaviour or work ethic.

Tiestop buttons: were you a stiffy or a rebel?

G-Angel: Buttons open, big knot, short tie, mini-skirts and knee-length boys' grey socks.

God, we looked good!

Lillibet66: We wore long straight skirts, making us walk like penguins, with long socks wrinkled down to look good with clumpy shoes. Jumpers were V-neck, three sizes too big and men's.

Offers of food Sunblest: My one instance of greed resulted in consuming a Year 8's "fart sweet". I went down the corridors like a two-stroke scooter.

Mathbandit: Once, at a party for my year group, I commented that I'd not had any of the chocolate biscuits. An undernourished, under-washed boy pulled fluffy melted chocolate biscuits from his pocket. He was so upset when the others ate them before I could grab one.

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