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Overheard in the staffroom

The TES online forums are a hotbed of debate. Here is just a taste of what users are saying this week. Join in at

Children in care to go to boarding schools Autimsuk: Did I understand right that Blairy Poppins is going to create lots of new boarding places for children in care? Where? The only (I think) state boarding residential school (not SEN) is selective.

Chris 2005: Boarding schools give a complete pastoral and academic learning environment and to that degree they are great. However, I feel some kids in boarding schools lack love and that love is surely what so many kids with problems need.

Random175: There are about 40 state boarding schools. Not a huge amount, but an idea that already exists. They are already used for the reasons Blair says he wants them to be used for.

Ruth Kelly on failing schools Dcragoe: Why can't politicians stop being so media-minded and have the courage to support schools in difficulty instead of stabbing in the back all those who work so hard trying to correct the faults in society?

Andy.Pipkin: Ruthie baby's ideas are, as usual, nice little soundbites to sooth the fevered brows of Daily Snail readers.

Nosandals: Politicians don't want to take the blame for society's problems.

Thus, using the media to speed their message, they have been chipping away at our professional standing. In the public consciousness, the 'teacher'

becomes the one to blame.

Orion: This woman has never been a teacher or actually been taught in a state school, so what does she know about turning schools around?

Is navy the colour to suit trainee teachers?

Normie: Someone I know was told she should wear navy for the first few weeks as this was a colour of authority and would help instil respect in her classes. Has anyone else ever heard this?

Busstopjen: I went to a school where the uniform was navy - you don't want to get confused with the kids!

GoodSpella: I think as a student teacher I quickly learned to wear shirtsblousestops which weren't likely to reveal the fact that I was sweating a lot!

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