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Overheard in the staffroom

The TES online forums are a hotbed of debate. Here is just a taste of what users are saying this week. Join the discussion at: On Ruth Kelly's plan to banish junk food from schools MistyRain: What about the traditional Friday doughnuts and cakes for teachers. Are they banned too?

robsteadman: Traditional?

Middlemarch: It's all part of the "school as panacea" for everything syndrome, I think. We get them for 190 days (if their parents send them in), one meal a day. We do masses of "healthy eating" education with them in PSHCE, food tech. etc. It makes little difference... Can't wait until I'm responsible (as the Sunday Times reckons I will be next year) for checking the nutritional content of all school meals.How am I qualified to do that, then?

giggirl: We do masses of "healthy eating" education with them... But they can still buy rubbish all day long at school. My children moan because the healthy meals are more expensive than the junk!

Prep-room-boy: They'll all end up doing what I do and nip over the road to the chippy.

Does the mugchair divide still exist?

ealbod: My new GTP started last week and one of her first questions was regarding whether it was ok to sit in any old chair and drink from any old mug in the staffroom as they had been warned not to by their university.

Andy.Pipkin: So they should be - jeez, the arrogance of the youth of today.

Touch my mug or sit in my chair and you won't last 'til the end of the week.

gillw: I'd say chairs, no; mugs, yes.

mco45: YES! The mugchair divide absolutely still exists!

SHA's advice on TLRs norwoody2: Could anyone please email me the Secondary Heads Association guidance on TLRs and restructuring? The SHA website only lets "members" download this information. It seems a little unfair that heads are using secret guidance unavailable to teachers to justify decisions regarding TLRs.

Rod Woodhouse: There is nothing secret about the guidance. Like the NAHT, the SHA is only offering the info to paid-up members. If you are not a member then you are not entitled to it. End of story.

cbl: Rod, it was so much more fun when part of a secret conspiracy!

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