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Overseas dilemma

Your job and career questions answered

Q: I have done a lot of research into teaching overseas, and the advice is that with three dependants (a non-teaching spouse and two school-aged children) there is no chance. However, I believe I have good experience after 15 years' teaching in remote rural areas. What are my chances?

A: Don't risk going to teach abroad if the rest of your family is going to find it hard - you'll be miserable.

You will have your teaching job, the children will make friends at school, but what about your spouse? If work is not allowed, how will he or she cope? Also look into orientation sessions.

If you go ahead, not all schools mind taking on dependants - ask when you apply. Look for jobs without accommodation so you are not tied to what the school provides. Unless it provides free places, you will have to pay school fees for your children. Do as much research as possible before starting to look for a post.

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