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The World of Tobacco contains lesson plans for key stages 1 and 2, as well as workshop activities for teachers, parents, governors and members of the school community.

It has been developed jointly by Tacade - an organisation specialising in resources for personal, social and health education - and the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, with sponsorship from Lloyds TSB.

There are 10 lessons for five to seven-year-olds arranged across three strands - the body, the environment, and relationships with people who smoke. A further 13 lessons for key stage 2 cover the same three areas but in more detail, and explore the tobacco and advertising industries.

Each plan includes a learning outcome, resources, a word box, a 20-30 minute core activity and an additional activity designed to encourage parents' and carers' involvement in smoking education.

There are also seven workshop activities for use with teachers, non-teaching staff, parents, carers and governors. Back-up information comes in the form of two background papers: a summary of facts about smoking, and general guidance on smoking education.

The World of Tobacco, pound;47.95 from Tacade, Old Exchange Buildings, 6 St Ann's Passage, King Street, Manchester M2 6AD. Tel: 0161 836 6850

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