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Packs of chemical matter

THE INDEPENDENT PROJECT FOR ADVANCED CHEMISTRY Second edition Revised by Ann Lainchbury, John Stephens and Alec Thompson

ILPAC 7: Equilibrium II

ILPAC 8: Functional Groups

ILPAC 9: Gaseous State, Chemical Kinetics

ILPAC 10: Big Molecules

ILPAC 11: Group IV Elements, Transition Elements

ILPAC 12: p-Block elements

John Murray Pounds 6.99 each. Set of second year units (7 - 12) Pounds 40

Books 7-12 complete the ILPAC coverage of advanced chemistry. This is a new edition, not a revision, and the text is largely unchanged. A small, neat typeface results in fewer pages; bold headings, shading etc, give structure. Some data and background readings are updated, a little content is shuffled to or from appendices, tests have recent examination questions. Overall structure is retained: carefully graded exercises, answers, practicals, brief supporting note, all developing knowledge and understanding.

Some first edition books are combined into single volumes, as in Book 7, Acid-base and Redox Reactions. The basic concepts here are straightforward, but students often stumble over calculations. Here ILPAC, with its infinite patience, comes into its own. Worked examples of every conceivable calculation, questions, answers showing all working will clear any confusion. ILPAC is expensive at Pounds 80 per student for the full set, but this particular volume is invaluable.

Big Molecules, incorporating carboxylic acids and derivatives, has good sections on structure determination, covering all instrumental methods for this level with numerous questions on spectrum analysis - often in short supply elsewhere.

These are high quality materials for students working independently or revisiting difficult material: comprehensive, detailed yet accessible to weaker students, and a valuable source of exercises.

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