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27 November

Had to speak to chrn about a half penny being taken from the mantlepiece by someone; was put there for the sweepers to buy matches for fires.


18 August Numbers very low this week owing to the harvest having begun, elder boys going to work and the younger ones kept to carry dinners.


19 April 3 Boys have been at work crow scaring, their names have been given in to the attendance officer.


23 May Empire Day was celebrated today instead of the 24th as it fell on Ascension Day. After afternoon school the scolars were led in a procession by the Rector, Miss BARTLE, and teachers... carrying flags to the village green where the National Anthem was sung...


31 October School is being closed today until 10 Nov for Peace Holiday.

1929 October 26

Have had to complain to a mother about a child's head.

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