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Pain-free swimming

Swimming can be a painful business if you have an ear infection and it's the number one reason for children missing swimming lessons. If you have children who suffer in this way you might like to suggest the Ear Band-it to their parents or even ask the PTA to help equip the school with a stock. The Ear Band-it was designed by a doctor to keep water out of the ear canal and consists of a neoprene band with Velcro fastening plus re-usable silicone putty ear plugs. The band holds the plugs in place and comes in three sizes - one to three years, four to ten years and ten to adult, priced pound;14.99.

* Further information from The Great Little Trading Company, 124 Walcot Street, Bath BA1 5BG (0990 673008, fax 0990 673010).

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