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Palm Friday

Palmist Robin Lown reckons he can judge teachers by looking at their hands. In the first of a new series, we let him read between the lines "This is a good example of a rounded hand. This person has a fiery spirit, enjoys art and cultural pleasures, adores travel and can adapt to change.

"The firm thumb indicates rigidly held points of view and a restless disposition. The fingers are on the short side, which implies quickness of character and behaviour. The curved little finger illustrates the old adage 'by hook or by crook' - she has a charming manner and will always find a way to do something, even if to others it may seem daunting. The slight curve of the index finger shows she can be businesslike but has difficulty delegating tasks.

"The sensitive line markings show this person lays great store by relationships and is loyal but a little unforgiving. She uses this emotional quality in her work and is interested in the education of the very young as, by its nature, a full fleshy hand will always be protective and motherly. She has had two children.

"The index finger print indicates she has sensitive hearing and has developed auditory and or musical skills, and that she espouses 'causes' energetically.

"The route of the major line through both hands indicates a teacherly nature and working in an establishment-type job until at least until her early thirties.

"She had a restricted upbringing, possibly in another country. Alove of outdoor pursuits played an important part in her childhood and she may be a little distant in her relationships with her parents.

"She is a quick learner and, although orderly and mathematically able, has sought the expressive arts as her medium. The left hand shows the ability to write, paint, draw or sculpt. But she can be untidy.

"She had difficult situations in her mid to late thirties and health difficulties brought on by emotional upsets made her re-evaluate her ambitions in her forties.

"There is a strong influence towards travel in her life line. She may have links with Australia andor America and may relocate there in her fifties."

* Sue Bettaney, 51, is a piano teacher at Chetham's School of Music, Manchester "Some of it is very good but some is way out. I do have a fiery spirit and I am quick-minded. He's right about not delegating. I had a fairly strict upbringing but it wasn't draconian and it wasn't in another country. I'm good at sport though - does that count as an outdoor pursuit? I have a close relationship with my parents. I have never had any hang-ups.

"My husband would say I am untidy but I don't think I am. I have one child. I have done a fair amount of travelling - mainly through my piano work - and I do have perfect pitch and wonderful hearing. But I don't have any connections with Australia or America."

Robin Lown was talking to Harvey McGavin. Email:

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