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Palm Friday

Palmist Robin Lown reckons he can judge teachers - and people who use their hands for their work - by their palms. We let him read between the lines These long, thin hands belong to someone about 6ft 3in tall with large feet; an intelligent person who likes details, a good analyst. A traditionalist, a teacher and a bit of a craftsman.

Narrow palms show a need to understand things and a strong development in his chosen career. Long hands usually get to grips with technology easily. He is due an accolade - maybe a pay rise? Weaknesses include a fussy, sometimes over-meticulous, nature; a susceptibility to stomach troubles.

The long, looped thumb print highlights adaptability and stubbornness. Not easily thrown and seldom lost for words, he's crafty with his hands and his head - good at internal politics and smoothing the waters. Mostly clear and long major lines show a direct and friendly manner, though he is a little dogmatic.

The high index finger shows the importance of image, manner and dress to this person, although he prefers traditional dress codes. He had a big change in personal relationships in his early thirties.

Career lines show a long period of study around the early twenties and a good degree. A good organiser, possibly a director, with a passion for the arts. He is probably working on a large project concerning Christmas, loves church choirs and was probably a choi boy himself. He has strong business acumen and a strong sense of social justice. He travelled around the age of 19 to 22. He is a naturalist and a lover of walks and rocky country terrain.

John Schofield is a partner in the Oasis garden centre in Tooting, south London, and an expert on hardy palms I think it's very good. I was surprised at how accurate the stuff about my personality was. I do get obsessed with the details of things I am interested in, but if I am not interested in things, I don't care. I've told my boss I need a pay rise. I'm not prone to stomach troubles. The bit about adaptability and stubborness sounds contradictory but I think people who know me would say that was very true. I suppose image and dress are important to me - I like to wear nice clothes - and I think I have a direct and friendly manner.

I finished a massive relationship in my early thirties which had a big effect on me. I studied politics at university and I got a good degree, but I'm not sure it was a period of study. I was in the school choir and I absolutely loved it at the time but I don't particularly like church choirs now. I didn't travel when I was in my early twenties. The only Christmas project I am involved in is that we are expecting a delivery of hundreds of Christmas trees in about three weeks' time!

Robin Lown was talking to Harvey McGavin


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