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Pam's perfect day

Snap for and eat according to the following plan on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday in week 1; add Thursday in week 2, Friday in week 3 and so on. By week 5 you will be eating according to the plan every day.

Breakfast Use rice milk or soya milk with cereals.

Choose tram the following. Once you nave had one of thee choices, cross it off your list. it is not available until the following week.

A glass of fresh fruitvegetable juice and a different piece of fruit each day. Favour citrus fruits and berries for vitamin C anti- stress booost, with any of the following: wheat-tree muesli or sugar-free cornflakes, poached eggs (2) with wheat-free bread toasted or scrambled eggs (2) with tomatoes and mushrooms or boiled eggs (2) with rice cakes or oat cakes, unsweetened live yoghurt wth ground seeds sucn as pump- kin, sesame or sunflower sprinkled on top.

MilKshake (made with rice milk) with black- strap molasses, oat or millet porridge, toasted wheat-tree bread with organic honey, tofu smoothie.

Snacks Mid-morning, tea-time and suppertime.

Adopt the same approach-don't nave the same snack more than twice in one week. Choose from: an apple o pear with unsweetened live yogurt; cottage cheese with two rye crackers; palmful of nuts (almonds, cashew nuts); palmful of seeds (suntlower, pumpkin); half an avocado with two oatcakes; a banana or other piece of fruit; hard-boiled egg with a slice of toasted wheat-free bread;cornchips with houmous or guacamole or mushroom pate; oat cakes, rye crackers or rice cakes with any of the above three dips; tofu smoothe.

Packed lunch Flask of fresh vegetable soup with either canned fish, such as mackerel, sardines, tuna or salmon, or lean chickenturkey breast or feta cheese and salad including mixed green leaves (as many types as possible) and at least five other vegetables, such as carrots, cabbage, broccoli, mushrooms, cauliflower, onions. Plus a piece of fruit.

Evening meal Fish with steamed or grilled vegetables and wild rice or bean casserole with brown rice or stir-try prawns with vegetables, brown rice or noodles or stir fry chickenturkey the vegetables, brown rice or noodles or not chicken salad with Brown rice or tofu stir-fry with vegetables brown rice or noodles.

Have at least three types of vegetable in the course ot a week.

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