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Parent swansong

Jotter likes to bring good news every now and then, particularly for Scottish Secretary Michael Forsyth, and maybe even Ann Hill, chief executive of the Scottish School Board Association. We are happy to reveal that the three leftish powerhouses of the Scottish Parent Teacher Council are set to quit. Swans will be singing at the annual conference in November.

Unfortunately, we can report no sensational bust-up or such like. More prosaically, Old Mother Time has caught up with Judith Gillespie, convener, Helen Mackenzie, secretary, and Diana Daly, north-east organiser, all of whom have notched up the half century and lost their weans to adulthood.

All have seen front-line action during the Forsyth onslaught and are relishing retirement from the fray. This might be seen as a triumph of Forsyth's youth over age.

So what future for the 50-pluses who helped win the famous battle over national testing and latterly won mention for heroic defence against the cuts? Zilch, it appears. All are open to offers.

Gillespie, a reluctant Labour supporter who once stood as a district candidate in Edinburgh, is at something of a loss. Mackenzie, thoroughly disillusioned with politicians - so what's new? - is also jacking in her role as Scottish co-ordinator of the Belt Up School Kids safety campaign, and Daly, who stood as a Liberal Democrat candidate in the last council elections in Aberdeen, is spending more time on domestic matters.

The likely beneficiary of any fall-off in SPTC activity is the Scottish School Board Association, famously sued by the SPTC two years ago.

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