Parental part

THE headline "GTC to consider parents' claims" (TES, July 7) appeared to state as fact that the General Teaching Council will consider complaints from parents against teachers.

As you reported, our role is to consider cases referred to us by employers after existing procedures relating to conduct and competence have been pursued to their conclusion. Parents approaching the GTC directly will be advised to follow such procedures if they have concerns about teachers.

Your article is incorrect in suggesting that I am "on a collision course with miisters" over the question of regulations governing the GTC's work.

The GTC is being fully consulted by ministers and it is a tribute to the seriousness with which they view the council that its views are, and will be, fully taken into account.

It is correct that ministers are minded to ask the GTC to re-consider these and other issues by March 31, 2002. It will be for the GTC at that time to decide what this advice should be.

Carol Adams

Chief executive

General Teaching Council

344 Grays Inn Road

London WC1

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