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Parental praise

With political parties debating the merits of "parent power" in schools, we were pleased that you featured the involvement of the Parent Promoters' Foundation in the creation of The Elmgreen School, the first parent-promoted school in Britain (TES Magazine, February 19).

Rather than being "the parents who know what's best", the foundation was keen to be led by the education professionals. Our role was to campaign for a new school in an area that was short of places, and to ensure that it served the needs of all local children. We had no wish to run the school, however.

Creating the school was a true community effort. Ultimately, however, it was the skill, determination and vision of the headteacher and staff which translated these aspirations into a wonderful school.

Unfortunately the article presented the process as a one-woman campaign, ignoring the work put in by all directors and members of the foundation and the local authority. Most importantly, it does not give credit to the fantastic work by school staff - the unsung heroes in this story.

Kate Scrase, Project manager, Parent Promoters' Foundation, The Elmgreen School.

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