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Parental view

As a parent of two pupils at Hillbrook primary school, I was very interested in the article written by Stephen Hoare (TES, March 22).

I would like to comment on the headteacher's reaction to the Office for Standards in Education report from a parent's perspective. John Harries states that he was shocked and upset at the inspectors' findings. I was also upset, but not shocked or surprised. Prior to the inspection, many parents had been worried at standards being achieved by their children. On speaking to the head they have all had their concerns dismissed in what felt like a very patronising manner.

Since the inspection there has been a growing parents' campaign for positive change and improvement at Hillbrook school. On March 20 at a contested parent governor election, the two parents standing on a platform of broad agreement with the OFSTED report were elected.

I understand Hillbrook School has not made a formal complaint against OFSTED because there was disagreement in the governing body.

There is also a growing feeling among parents that if Mr Harries and certain of the Hillbrook governors had expended as much energy on improving the school and in developing effective communication with parents as they have done in criticising the inspectors and their findings, standards at the school would be much improved.

ALAN SMITH 26 Moring Road Tooting London SW17

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