Parents disunited

Tes Editorial

They must have a warped sense of humour on the Scottish Parliament's education committee. MSPs are shortly to hear from interested parties on the parental involvement bill and are dispatching invitations.

As luck would have it, both the Scottish School Board Association and the Scottish Parent Teacher Council are to submit evidence at the same time.

This is likely to be a ticket-only event under Marquis of Queensbury rules.

Just a flavour. Caroline Vass, SSBA president, said recently that she was "more than a little bemused, bewitched and bewildered" by the SPTC stance on bad language in schools.

And Judith Gillespie of the SPTC retorted in our columns that it is the duty of her organisation "not only to reflect the majority view but occasionally to stand against it and provide leadership".

What's it all about?

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Tes Editorial

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