Parents never forget

To the Parliament and the Battle of the Parents, where the Scottish School Board Association and Scottish Parent Teacher Council are locked in harmony (aye, sure).

The topic is the parental involvement bill which, despite pleas to the contrary, is still dubbed the "scrapping of school boards bill" - and with it the SSBA and probably the SPTC.

Old sage Judith Gillespie of the SPTC is helpfully clarifying points of order for the inquisitorial MSPs. Gillespie's origins in education politics stem from her opposition in the last century (well, 1988) to Michael Forsyth and his school boards legislation, and she can recall precisely the broad definition of parents in the act.

Equally helpfully, she reminds MSPs of changes to parents and boards from the 2000 Act and the differences between current board powers and the proposed powers under the 2006 parental involvement Bill - if you are still with us.

Labour's Ken Macintosh could not resist. "You couldn't tell us about the 1870 Act, could you?"

"I do remember it," replied Noah's contemporary.

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