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Parents of underage father face fine;News;News and opinion

THE PARENTS of a 14-year-old father of twin girls could face prosecution over the boy's poor school attendance record, writes Karen Thornton.

The teenager hit the headlines last weekend when it was revealed he was the father of two girls, born to his 17-year-old girlfriend two weeks ago.

Manchester City Council said it had already started collecting evidence for a possible court case when the news broke that the Spurley Hey high school pupil had become the country's youngest father of twins. He was 13 when they were born.

A spokeswoman said: "Any child who had attended the school for a period of time would have benefited from its strong sex education policy, and been able to make informed decisions."

The boy's parents could be fined up to pound;1,000. The Government, currently consulting on proposals to cut truancy, wants to increase this to up to pound;5,000.

Trevor Phillips, 15

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