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Part-time protection

I work part-time, with one full day, one afternoon and one morning off each week. At the start of term, my day off was the new staff induction day, my afternoon off was part of training, and my morning off was the pupils'

first day in, when tutors do induction work with them. It would be unreasonable not to be there for the new staff day, but what about the others? Should my days off be protected even in the first week of term? I do not want to introduce a precedent whereby my days off are eroded by school business.

Teachers who work part-time are not covered by the 1,265 hours rules on working hours. You have to decide whether you are being paid on a similar basis to full-time teachers. If you work three days a week and are paid 60 per cent of a full-time salary, you might think it reasonable to do 60 per cent of the extra work your full-time colleagues do. If you are paid less, make it clear you require additional payment for additional duties. I do not see why the first week of term should be any different from other times.

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