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Part-timers' pension plight

Although most teachers who have worked full-time throughout their career should have an accurate record of their service with the Teachers' Pension Scheme, it has come to light that the new European Court of Appeal ruling, giving rights to full pension entitlement to part-time teachers in an earlier part of their career, has raised questions about the accuracy of local education authority service records.

This problem has been exacerbated by the drift to delegate part-time, casual and supply teaching appointments to schools without ensuring that the record of employment was being held centrally by the LEA.

The Court of Appeal has now granted pension rights to staff who were previously excluded from the superannuation scheme because of a part-time contract. Inaccurate records will affect those whose working life was less than full-time. Clearly, this will be an important issue for those about to retire and for those already in retirement. Those within 10 years of retirement are also advised to ensure their service record is up to date.

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Chris Watkin 22 Forest Close Cuddington Northwich Cheshire

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