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Pass It On

Encouraging pupils to spell correctly is one of the most challenging tasks facing teachers. At the start of the academic year, I compile a list of a 100 of the most commonly misspelt words, suitable for the children's age and ability.

Each half-term they are given a photocopy of 15 of these words and asked to learn them. They are encouraged to pin the words up at locations in their homes where they will have the opportunity to look at them regularly. Obvious places are: on the ceiling above the bed; close to the sink, for those who help with the washing-up; and on the lavatory wall. The teacher monitors throughout the half-term whether the words have been learned.

The only danger to the teacher is the possible snowstorm of bills for redecoration from irate parents, whose previously pristine walls are now covered in a rash of Blu-Tack stains.

TONY LYTHE teacher, Staffordshire

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