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Have a set of sheets entitled "Think for yourself", giving questions on a variety of topics graded in difficulty, which children have to solve by themselves.

This type of work really tests their info-retrieval skills. Can be adapted for all ages.

Barbara Brown, Middleton Primary School, Leeds

* Use a Biro to act as a microphone while conducting discussions with older children. Taking turns is then no problem and if there is nothing to say the child passes on the "mike" without feeling pressured.

This method also helps children with learning difficulties to express themselves when working with their peer groups throughout the primary school.

Sheila Coffey (NNEB), Learning Support Service, St Helens, Merseyside Give each child a "busy book" in which they can do the sheets. The book can also be used during those times between lessons when children should be encouraged to invent word searches, puzzles and problems of their own, to be shared with a friend. Can be used successfully by slow learners but is particularly good for the more able child.

Anne Spice, headteacher, St Mary's RC Primary School, Leeds

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