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Ask the school office or friends or relatives in business to save strong official-type envelopes which you can recycle to store sets of worksheets. Stick one sheet on the front to show the contents at a glance and write the title across the top end of the envelope in fibre-tip - the top may need to be trimmed first. The front copy could also beused as the "answer" sheet. Store the envelopes in strong cardboard boxes which have been suitably covered and perhaps colour-coded.

Many photocopiable materials are generously printed on A4 and can be easily reduced to fit two side by side on A4 , thus halving photocopying costs. The smaller sheets are also easier to stick into exercise books.

Barbara Brown, Middleton Primary School, Leeds

To save time, mess and expensive glue when making models, give each child a tiny individual glue pot. Use an empty photographic film case or an aspirin container. These are better than yogurt pots as they are smaller and have lids. Use half a drinking straw as an applicator.

Barbara Pollard, Hawes Down Infant School, West Wickham, Bromley, Kent

Please send tips for Pass It On to Maureen McTaggart, TES, 66-68 East Smithfield, London E1 9XY. The sender of each tip published will receive a free copy of Ted Wragg's Guide to Education, due out next month.

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